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1. Drinking water _____excessive amounts of fluorides causes the enamel of teeth to become brittle and to chip off, leaving a stained or mottled effect.

(A) containing
(B) in which containing
(C) contains
(D) that is contained

2. Carbohydrates, _____ of the three principal constituents of food, form the bulk of the average human diet.

(A) are one
(B) one [hat
(C) one
(D) which one

3. _____ the eye, a camera takes in rays of light thai are reflected from an object and focuses the rays into an image.

(A) Alike
(B) As like
(C) Is like
(D) Like

4. Great pain and swelling characterize both sprains and fractures, but _____ he affected part and unnatural ting often indicate a bone break. inability lo move.

(A) inability to move
(B) they were unable to move
(C) unable to move
(D) when inability to move

5. The human skin forms _____ against the action of physical, chemical, and bacterial agents on the deeper tissues.

(A) a protective barrier is
(B) a protective barrier
(C) a barrier and protective
(D) when a protective barrier

6. The technique of frying food _____ has prepare n^eats, fish, vegetables, and breads.

(A) to have most cultures
(B) that in most cultures
(C) in cultures when
(D) in most cultures

7. Music has been called both the most mathematical _____ the most abstract of the arts.

(A) but
(B) and
(C) however
(D) or

8. Roots of plants lend to grow downward into soil, unless _____ more readily available at the surface.

(A) have water
(B) water has
(C) is water
(D) water is

9. United States income taxes are paid to the Internal Revenue Service _____ funds for use by the government.

(A) which distributes
(B) and distributes
(C) the distribution of
(D) so that the distribution of

10. Robert Penn Warren's first novel was published in 1939, and seven years later, his third novel, All the King's Men, made _____ famous.

(A) he was
(B) him
(C) his
(D) how he was

11. Although legend has it that the Pilgrims first set foot in America on Plymouth Rock in 1620, _____ documentary evidence confirming.

(A) no
(B) still is no
(C) there is no
(D) but no

12. The gardenia, about 200 species _____to tropical and subtropical countries, was named in honor of eighteenth-century naturalist Alexander Garden.

(A) native of which are
(B) are nalive of which
(C) which are native of
(D) of which are native

13. High-speed photography has made _____certain aspects of motion never before seen.

(A) visible
(B) they are visible
(C) visibly
(D) it visible

14. Nitroglycerin is an unstable chemical compound that is very sensitive sudden movement _____dangerous to transport.

(A) because
(B) and therefore
(C) why it is
(D) making

15. A computer is a fast electronic machine _____information according to a stored sequence of instructions called a program.

(A) processes
(B) that processes
(C) that it processes
(D) thai processes it


16. Lucy Motile Montgomery, a Canadian novelist, is best of known for Anne of Green Gables, the story of a spirited, unconventional orphan girl.

17. Every magnet has two ends, called north and south poles, where the forces it exert are strongest

18. Approximate 92 percent of the world's trading goods are transported by ships.

19. Rapid eye movement sleep is sometimes called paradoxical sleep because it has characteristics of either the waking and sleeping states.

20. With the exception of gold, silver is most malleable and ductile of all metals.

21. The fact that mothers in some species of animals reaction immediately if they are missing one or more of their litter demonstrates a sense of number.

22. Approximately four percent of human body weigh is made up of fat in me organs, skeletal muscles, and central nervous system.

23. By about seven years of age, children begin to grasp that a given quantity remains the same not matter how its shape changes.

24. Sleek and powerful swimmers found to all seas, dolphins are distinguished from porpoises by well-defined, beaklike snouts and conical teeth.

25. Stereo recording began with the introductory of two-track magnetic tape in the 1950s.

26. The cerebral cortex, the outer layer of the brain, is where most memory storage, cognitive skills, and creative think reside.

27. The physical universe is governed by law that demand the continuous increase of entropy or disorder.

28. Metonymy is a literary device involving the substitution of the name of one thing with that of other thing with which it is closely associated.

29. The 1906 Hepburn Act gave the United Stales Interstate Commerce Commission power to investigated financial accounts of interstate utilities and to set rates, subject to judicial review.

30. Although Republican Dwight Eisenhower won the United Slates presidency in 1952 and 1956, the Democrats ran Congress for six of his eight years into office.

31. Substance such common salt, when dissolved in water, lower the freezing point of water

32. Some advantages of celluloid ate that it is inexpensive and durable, takes a highly polish, does not warp or discolor, and is not affected by moisture

33. The pitch of a musical note—how much high or low the sound is depends on its wavelength.

34.Two good ways to prevent attacks of hay fever are to effect a change of climate also to eliminate harmful substances from the environment.

35. In filmmaking a flashback is an interruption of the actual chronology of a story to relate a significant event of a earlier time.

36. The bottom end of a guitar string is attached to a hardwood bridge, which transmitting the vibration to the top plate.

37. Missouri is a heavily industrialized state whose leading products are transportation equipment, processed food, and chemical.

38. Seamounts are isolated submarine mountains believed to be the remnants of extinct volcanoes that either formed or sank far beneath of the ocean surface.

39.Transfusion of plasma or whole blood increases the volume of circulating blood, raising blood pressure and ensuring adequate distribution of oxygenated blood among the body.

40. The national debt is the sum total of financial obligations the national government incurs by borrow from foreign governments, international institutions, or its own population.

Answer : Structure and written expression test 7



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