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Take the TOEFL test. Go anywhere.

If you are planning to study abroad, the TOEFL test is the one test that can take you anywhere.

In fact, more institutions accept TOEFL test scores than any other test scores in the world — more than 6,000 colleges, universities and licensing agencies in 110 countries , to be exact.

And, with more than 4,000 test centers worldwide, taking the test is convenient and easy.

Demonstrate your English-language skills.

Test Your Reading, Listening and Writing Skills with ITP-TOEFL

The ITP-TOEFL Test measures how well you read, listen and write in English.


Food for thought
At toefl 400 : Don't waste time placing blame; fix the cause!
  How to convert ITP-TOEFL score
lllustrative table - converted score ranges, Add together the lower numbers of the three...

Score Comparison
Comparison between paper-based and computer based.

  Reasons for taking the TOEFL test
The test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an examination used to...







Why Take the TOEFL test?

  • No matter where in the world you want to study, the TOEFL test can help get you there. You will be eligible for admission to virtually any institution in the world — including the top colleges and universities in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

  • The TOEFL test gives you more flexibility on when, where and how often you can take the test, more practice tools and feedback, and more choices for study abroad than any other English-language test in the world.

  • You will be able to listen to lectures, view films, attend seminars, read textbooks, perform online research, speak with professors and other students, write academic papers, reports, e-mails and more.


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